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Did you know the sun is left-handed ?

Physics experiments have concluded that one force actually behaves differently when viewed in a mirror .
The sun uses uses this asymmetric force to turn protons into neutrons and produce energy.
Ben Kilminster in Chicago At the Chicago "Bean" 2003

This is the web page for my PhD thesis analysis which was the study of the top quark. It was written in 2003, but in 2013 I went through it and pushed it up to date. So you can still learn here about how the top quark is produced and measured, and the way the electroweak forces work. Many years later :) I am now a physics professor at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. My hair is sometimes just as spiky as in this picture from 10 years ago, but I don't look near as cool as I (thought I) did then ;)

My PhD thesis was to test the newly discovered top quark, the heaviest fundamental particle known to exist, to see if it interacted with forces the way we would expect. After all, it turned out to be so much heavier than the other quarks, that scientists began to speculate it may be special. My research aimed to test whether the top quark could see some mirror world of forces where things looked different than the forces we know.

Particle physics explanations for the public

By studying particle physics at the highest energies, we learn about the structure of matter, the forces of nature, and get a glimpse into the first moments of the universe after the Big Bang. Currently, our goal is to find a model for the universe which will explain the unanswered questions of our current Standard Model of Particles and Interactions . It is expected that the new model will introduce new particles and forces. While this may make things appear more complicated, we expect this line of research to eventually provide us with a very simple and elegant model, from which all the observed forces, particles, and interactions can be derived.

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  • PhD Thesis Analysis : "Search for V+A (or right-handed weak interaction) in top quark decay"

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  • Published paper : Phys.Rev. D71 (2005) 031101
  • First reporting of final result shown at Conference on the Interactions of Particle and Nuclear Physis (CIPANP) 2003 PPT
  • Reference to CIPANP 2003 Conference proceedings Link to Full text

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